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B. R.
24 January 2015 @ 05:58 am

I got tired wasting people's time thinking I was going to post anything good.
I update, but I keep this journal for myself, which is basically what they're supposed to be in the first place.
Nthg personal lolz.
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B. R.
From the design to the features, what should the perfect kid-friendly laptop include? What would you leave out?

Kids don't need laptops.
B. R.
07 February 2009 @ 01:16 pm
I'm thinking about just getting a blog .. you know one of those free ones with the black background and the gray lettering and the custom header and somehow manage to make everyone's look the same? Yeah, I am.
B. R.
05 February 2009 @ 12:20 am
What is the strangest advice you've ever received from a fortune cookie?

"Buy the red car"
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B. R.
04 February 2009 @ 03:09 pm
I fucking slaughtered my last semester in high school.

Graphic Communications II A
English IV A
Creative Writing I A-
Early Bird I A
Early Bird II A-
Consumer Ed (Summer School) A
Government (Summer School) A
Semester GPA 3.93
Cumulative GPA 3.47
Class Rank 116/483
B. R.
04 January 2009 @ 12:46 am
I've heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the Lord .. But you don't really care for music, do you? It goes like this; The fourth, the fifth, the minor fall, the major lift, the baffled king composing Hallelujah.. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Your faith was strong but you needed proof. You saw her bathing on the roof, her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you. She tied you to a kitchen chair, she broke your throne, and she cut your hair. And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah.. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Maybe I have been here before; I know this room, I've walked this floor. I used to live alone before I knew you. I've seen your flag on the marble arch, love is not a victory march, it's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah... Hallelujah, Hallelujah. Hallelujah, Hallelujah. There was a time you let me know what's really going on below.. But now you never show it to me, do you? Remember when I moved in you? The holy dark was moving too, and every breath we drew was Hallelujah.. Hallelujah, Hallelujah. Hallelujah, Hallelujah.. Maybe there's a God above. And all I ever learned from love was how to shoot at someone who outdrew you. It's not a cry you can hear at night.
It's not somebody who's seen the light. It's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah.
Current Mood: numb
B. R.
03 December 2008 @ 07:58 pm
ever since you went away I've had this sentimental inclination not to change a single thing. As I pull the sheets back on the bed i want to go bury my head in your pillow.. Now that I'm alone again, I can't stop breaking down again. The simplest things set me off again, and take me to that place, where I can't find my brave face.

I will forever have a super hard boner crush on paul mccartneyz.
I love this song.
B. R.
07 November 2008 @ 06:52 pm
It's the anniversary of the Russian Revolution, marking the Marxist overthrow of the Russian government. Karl Marx once wrote that "religion is the opium of the people." What is the new opium of the people?

B. R.
30 September 2008 @ 11:04 pm
lol september was such a shitty month.
maybe everythign will be better when i'm 18?